“There is a bit of insanity in dancing 
and the B-Town
that does everybody a great deal of good.”
~Edwin Denby


Booty ShakerZ

Since Nov 2010

My sister is 22 and I am 42 years old.  I look and FEEL better NOW than when I was 22!  Middle age doesn't have to be "the begining of the end".  You can be BETTER THAN EVER!!
Hi Joanie- thanks for sharing in this 'AMAZING' day (on her 65th B-day, she came to ZUMBA)! And thanks for bringing all the joy of good, hot dance exercise back into MY life and that of everyone else who comes to your class! You bring great joy to everyone Joanie! ~Alyce R

"I have had several Zumba teachers over the last few years. Joanie is by far the best. She is a very kind and motivating instructor." ~Cathy Muzzin (First Lady of Brighton!! Her hubby is our Mayor:)

Love Zumba, Love Joanie, and I am soooo not a dancer, one thing for sure is love shakin’ my booty every week. Zumba is my HAPPY PLACE!  ~Stacey R
The first pic is Stacey's ID tag pic for her job. They NEED to take a new pic!! I don't think you look like the same person!!! WAY TO GO STACEY!!!!
I have been to 3 different Zumba classes (always dragging a newbie in tow).  Joanie is the best!!!! Plus my new girl stuck, so she must love it too!! Joanie is so much fun and can make a girl sweat!!!~Courtney B.
This was the first wedding I have been in since 2001`that I have had all the confidence in the world (I am in at least 1-2 a year). This is because I have made a change in my lifestyle...no diets, just eating healthy, doing zumba at least 3x a week and having an amazing support system. This is a big thanks to those who are part of this group that keeps me motivated and also help make it fun in losing weight and being healthy! This picture shows what I looked like just before I got pregnant (30 pounds heavier) and what I look like now 1 year after baby and 5 months after religiously going to zumba! Can't wait to see what the next 5 months look like! ~Molly R
Kelly's Hubby seems to like her B-Shaker swagger!!

The camaraderie and support help EVERYBODY meet their goals!!

I LOVE when famiy members ZUMBA together, Like Marnie and Gina!! "You did a great job!!! You make it fun and easy to follow for all of us girls. That's why we keep coming back!!! Gina loved Zumba last night!!! She can't wait to go again on Saturday........It makes me smile when she tells me that. :) You are a great instructor Joanie!! You have found your calling girl......:)  I am so blessed to have found all of you this year!! It feels so good to be in the company of such great women"  Marnie

Went to the doctor for a regular check up this morning.  He couldn't get over how low my blood pressure was!   As I was holding up my Zumba Punch card, I said, "Do you think it could have anything to do with working out with Zumba 3 times a week?" The answer was YES!!!!! ♥ ~Susan K.

My yoga friend also loved Zumba, (her first time ever). She said, Joanie Maciak has great energy, is adorable, easy to follow and that she will be back!
Getting fit or staying fit could not be more fabulous and fun than with Joanie and The B- Town Booty Shakers!
The Best! Most fun, most calories burned, hottest routines, friendliest Zumba classes ever!
`Jean W.

Definitely no experience necessary ….just come have fun and do what you can ~Theresa M 

Joanie is great!! She's like the energizer bunny! I'm  thankful for having been introduced to the world of Zumba!! (thank you to Paula Shipman for inviting me!) and now am addicted to Joanie Maciak's class!! Meeting lots of new people... and excited to be able to become healthier!!~Betsy K.
Thank you for a crazy, fun, sweaty, but always sexy ZUMBA class!!! You are an inspiration!!! We TOTALLY come outta our shells!! "I just wanna dance!!!" ♥ :) See you next week!! :)
I was super nervous about dancing in front of people (I normally have a 5 drink minimum to get on the dance floor-of course I’m usually on the floor for real – lol). I still get a bit shy, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world!~Sasha G.
I can't tell you enough -- how great I feel after your class -- AMAZING!! ~Jodi L.
Last night's class was Shaketastic!  I have been to several Zumba classes and Joanie's is THE BEST! Proud to be a B-Town Booty Shaker! ~Mary B.
Wooohooo! You Rock!!I had so much fun! The most non-uptight class I have ever been too. Nobody judging or sticking their nose up at you! lol Thank you!~ Joanie I'd do Zumba 6 days a week if you did more classes! Aimee L
Omg!!!! Had such a blast!!!! Can't wait to do it again!!!!

~Robin L.
Cheri B. : "Loved my first class with you tonight!!! I want to be as sassy as you!!!
  • Joanie: "Watch out! It rubs off!!! We have a whole gang of "mamas gone wild" lol!"
"You really are the BEST!"
~Carol AKA Susie
The class is so much fun you don’t even realize how hard you are working out!  Fabulous! Joanie’s the BEST!~Vickie
Laura~"Joanie and the B-Town Booty Shakers make it FUN - plain and simple.  All ages and abilities welcome!!"

I loved the class, too, especially how Joanie makes me feel comfortable even though I am a step behind and going the wrong way! Thanks Joanie! ~Claudia

I had so much fun! I am still sore in some places the next day.  No one can shake the booty like you J! ~Cat

I love doing Zumba with Joanie!!! ~Mandy

Love Zumba Joanie and The B-Town Booty Shakers! ~Gena Davis
Thank you for making exercise so much fun! My other zumba class was too tame and for once I'm proud to shake what my mama gave me!!! So thankful Joanie and The Booty Shakers came into my life. I can actually say I enjoy working out:) ~Meagan
Heather wrote: "Zumba with Joanie!!!! The fastest, most fun hour of the day!!!"

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your class! You have made me love working out again!~Adrienne E.

THANK YOU FOR HAVING US [guest perform at zumba benefit]. You are a TRUE example of PURE EXCITEMENT. You have much love and passion for what you do. Your energy is unbelievable. We honestly couldn’t be more honored than the times we get to be in the presence of you and all your Zumba peeps. We have the most Zumbamazing time every time we are with you.  ~T.E.A.M Driven
Joanie is an extrodinary Zumba Instructor! Everyone has a great time, works out hard and has a blast while doing it! She not only makes you feel a salsa goddess :) but gives you the confidence to have confidence in yourself. What more could you want out of an instructor. She is also living proof that zumba fitness can change your life ~ by dancing your way to health. Much LOVE for the Z-Princess xoxo."~Theresa
Couples (and friends and family) that ZUMBA together have FUNKY FUN TOGETHER!!!
Wow! Thanks for the invite to Zumba tonight. What a blast! Burned 1022 calories by the time I got in my car and learned some great new booty-shakin’ moves! Joanie was an AWESOME instructor! Thanks again! -Lissa P.
If I can do it, anyone can!I Zumba-ed my butt off this morning!! Well…not all of it. Gonna have to go back on Thursday. Putting forth all that effort has resulted in me making better food choices the rest of the day! Thanks Joanie for a great class and inspiration!! ~Michelle V.  
YOU CAN DO IT!! And all the Booty ShakerZ will be cheering you ON!!  The ONLY exercise I do is ZUMBA.  I resently added push-ups (done from the wall or counter top) to give my arms a bit more definition.  I find the squats and lunges that are a part of my Zumba routines build great muscles in my lower body.  Dancing naturally works your core.  I NEVER do sit-ups.  JUST DANCE!!!

Meet the B-Town Booty ShakerZ!!

Linda P.~ "It has been a year (this March) since we started Zumba. I never thought I would find an exercise I could embrace and find such joy in doing. It is addictive. After attending her first class, Kate (my daughter) encouraged me to attend the next session with her. Both my husband and I awoke that morning thinking I might have a heart attack if I went as I would be out of breath just walking up and down the staris. I made it thorough the first class and then the next and the next. I built up stamina and toned down the sausage rolls. In late summer I decided my weight had not lowered, so I added healthy eating and portion control to my eating.
The scale number started to move down. Then the Booty ShakerZ Health/Fit challenge really put my focus on putting more energy into the Zumba moves. I have lost 24 and 1/2 pounds to date. Joanie makes Zumba fun. All are welcome and accepting. You can be social or not. It keeps me focused for one hour and that is one hour of not dealing with outside issues or stress. The times spent with Kate are super special. It is so wonderful to laugh at ourselves and have a good time. God bless Joanie and all she does for us. Her attitude and character make it possible to achieve a love for moving your body. My thanks to Joanie, each fly girl, and my fellow zumbamates for giving me this gift."
Kate M. '
My family means the world to me. The women who dance together, laugh together, and appreciated each day together. Thanks to Joanie's class we do all three regularly!"

"After being a caregiver for about 2 years and never going out or doing much of anything; I decided that for my health I needed to get moving and do some kind of exercise.  In my past I was never able to stick with any kind of exercise for any length of time.  I started to hear about this thing called Zumba.  I wanted to know what it was all about so I searched out a class.  Turns out it is this wonderful way to get exercise that doesn't seem like work.  It is a fun class where you can dance.  I tried out a few classes, some were pretty good and others I didn't care for.  When I found Joanie's class I knew I had found my Zumba home. At first I didn't think I could keep up, but that doesn't matter as long as you are having fun.  Joanie has a way of making you feel comfortable no matter what level you are at.  In fact everyone in her class is welcoming and accepting.   I started out one time a week, then two times, now I go 3 or 4 times a week.  Its just too much fun to miss.  I have gone from a size 24 (which was starting to get too tight one me) to a size 20.  I still have a long way to go but I know that sticking with Zumba and the wonderful support from Joanie and the B-Town Booty Shakers that I will continue on my road to becoming a healthier person.  My doctors are very happy with my progress too.  My Triglycerides have been cut in half, and my cholesterol is getting so much better that my doctor has stopped trying to put me on cholesterol meds.  Oh, did I mention that I have lost 50 pounds.  That is a bonus!  The most important part is the healthier lifestyle.  Thanks Joanie for your fun classes, your great energy, and your support and encouragement. Love you. ~Paula

I admit that I was extremely anxious before the first class because I had never Zumba-ed before and I didn’t want to stick out – I almost didn’t go.  I have to congratulate you on creating an environment that doesn’t make me feel self-conscious or awkward (oh and for the great work out!).  Thank you!~Liz

I did the benefit class last weekend and it was my 1st zumba experience. I LOVED it!! Best and most fun workout I have ever had! I've been meaning to tell ya, I love the new set of songs!! Every one of them is so fun and they kick my booty!!! but in a good way:) I ♥ Zumba ~Kelly M.

Kelly has turned into a HARD CORE BOOTY SHAKER!!  She kicked some MAJOR BOOTY in the weight loss chalenge!  She was the Winner of the Booty ShakerZ weight loss Challenge!! Look at our Kelly M.!! 20 lbs down and feeling SASSY!!

Candace lost 45 lbs doing Zumba.She sent me this note at the beginning of her journey:

....I have always struggled with my weight, and had pretty much accepted that I would be overweight for the rest of my life. But watching how Zumba has transformed your body and outlook on life, has truly motivated me to do the same for myself.  I would have never even considered trying the class until I saw the passion you had for it yourself.   Because of you, I decided to give the class a try and have fallen in love with it! I’ve lost 15 pounds so far, and still have a long way to go, but feel that I can do it because you did.  I wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to let go of the excuses and start to do something for me Thank you! ~Candace M.
50 NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD!! YAY FLY GIRL TRESA!! "I’m – um – 39 plus shipping and handling [50], and have never “danced” my entire adult life. I’m terrible at remembering canned routines, and never felt comfortable attending a class where I knew that was a requirement. I stumbled upon – well was dragged in against my will really – to one of Joanie’s classes and FELL IN LOVE with Zumba!!!! ♥ I still don’t “dance”, but I can booty shake with the best of ‘em.. ;o)  No matter how bad my day has been, [and there have been a few!], the sheer joy that Zumba brings wipes it all away. I always feel like a new, rejuvenated person at the end of each class, and whatever had me down is usually forgotten!! I love seeing how much FUN everyone is having, while also burning off some calories – and frustration – at the same time!
Joanie is an amazing teacher, and a more amazing person. Everyone is encouraged to do what they can, without judgment, and if Joanie notices that someone is struggling, she tries to slow down the moves so the person doesn’t feel bad, and she’s always willing to help those who really WANT to master a move (although it really, REALLY isn’t required – at ALL!!!)
I’ve attended a few different classes over the past several months as well, and Joanie’s class wins HANDS DOWN!!!!! ♥
I encourage ANYone who wants to spend an hour in a “safe place” where you’re free to be yourself, to laugh, and maybe make some new friends along the way, to give it a whirl. It might just change your life!!! =)"  ~Tresa O.

These are the best classes ever. My mom and I would go together, it is perfect for all ages! I moved out for town and this is what I miss most from home! The classes were not only a great workout but so fun you don't feel like your working out. And I mean, these are the best ladies in town, you couldn't find better friends! ~Allison

Joanie, I am new to Zumba and had taken a few classes before joining your Saturday class the past couple weeks. I have to say that your class is my favorite! I love your energy and the way your choreogrsphy makes me feel like a hip hop dancer:) You inspire me and I hope someday to move as cool and sassy as you! I wish I could take your class everyday...thank you! ~Shannon D.
Good news - I'm loving Zumba!!!!
Bad news - my workout clothing is getting loose quickly...class could get a little TOO exciting if I don't find slightly smaller clothing soon....

"Thank you Joanie, my cholesterol levels have dropped to the perfect levels, finally!  I was able to bring my numbers down by 54 points!  This was accomplished thru Zumba 2 -3 times a week for six months.  Didn't really diet, other than watched what I ate Monday – Friday and I  laid off the cheese and butter.  I truly want people to know that not only can you lose weight, get great muscle toning, but you can ALSO lower your cholesterol. So many reasons to try the class. Everyone is friendly and supportive. We all just have a great time dancing with Joanie and before you know the hour has passed. Thank you so much Joanie. You make a difference to everyone one you meet. Always carry that with you. Much love Janet M."

We have a lot of Mother and daughters that come to class together.  I love watching them laugh and dance together!
  "You are so motivating! I am down three inches in the hips since the end of February!! That’s Zumba baby!  This is the best exercise class I have ever attended. I honestly spend the whole day thinking “I get to go to Zumba tonight!” It is fun and easy to modify to your current fitness level. And Joanie is THE BEST - enthusiastic, engaging, and creative. Love this class!~Denise

You inspire people like me to "dance as if no one is watching" and I thank you for that! This is the best workout around for any age group, and it’s fun too!~Lorraine E.

You are definitely like sunshine in my life!  I honestly would NOT be where I am today if it weren’t for you!  I remember the first time I went to your Zumba class… I FELL in love with it!  Not because it was Zumba, but because of the fun you put into it.  Because you weren’t afraid to be yourself and dance your heart out! You are by FAR my inspiration. ~Rael'e B.
Candace ~"I have found that doing Zumba with Joanie burns more calories than the bootcamps, cardio kick boxing, or other fitness classes I’ve tried, but is way more fun. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain, or just be active, this is the class for you!"
I'm really looking forward to "momma's gone wild time" in class tomorrow! ~Cheryl O.
High energy class & lots of fun! Got me hooked on Zumba:) ~Renee (Fly Girl Tresa's cuz:)
Best class ever Joanie!!! Kendall G.

Hi Joanie,

I’ve been doing you class for a while now and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it.  It is such a great workout and so much fun.  You and all or your fly girls are really nice and make everyone feel welcome.

Just wanted to let you know that it’s been a very positive thing in my life and I wish I could go every day. Thanks very much!

Susan K

Thank you so much. Both Mom and Aimee plan on coming again.  I just love your class and I was so happy to see they loved it too. Most of all, they were impressed with how the class is made up of such a variety of ages and sizes of people and how everyone modifies for their own levels and just moves when all else fails.
You know one of the things everyone loves about you is you have a kind word for everyone.! You always say something nice that make us all stretch a little taller, lunge a little deeper, shake a bit more. You are amazing!~Kristi C.

Joanie is the BOMB ~Kelly

I love to Zumba ! even though I still get my feet all mixed up!  ~Debbie P.

I had a great time! I was one of the newbies, a step behind and going in the wrong direction.  Having the lights dimmed really took the pressure off being uncoordinated.  I wish I could take your class 3 times a week, but logistically it will be impossible.  Thanks for the words of encouragement.  It means a lot that you care.  You are an awesome instructor and your insight into just having fun is contagious.  I am looking forward to my next class. Thanks again Joanie. ~Michele S.

I bought a year membership to Jazzercise, but I LOVE your class so much I don’t use it, I just come to ZUMBA!  I had and awful day at work, and by the end of class I felt so much better. THANK YOU! ~L. E. <--She wanted her idenity protected because she was worried her Jazzercise instructor would be upset with her.

We want to come to more of your classes. You’re the best Zumba-er we know! ~Lisa A.

It was so much fun for me to actually feel free enough to be seen and go to a class, you gave that confidence to me.   I would love to stay in your loop because I will follow your enthusiasm and ZUMBA-LICIOUSNESS.  May God continue to guide you on this journey.  ~Susan

I am so hooked on Zumba with Joanie!  ~Val

V Below is a FB conversation :) V

Amazing!! Love it! Can’t wait to make it to 2 classes next week. I actually had to tell my boss she needed to stop scheduling me on days I have Zumba, it’s not working out with my happiness ~Courtney

Funny i just told my boss the same thing..:) ~Stacey R.

I told my boss back in Nov that on Tues & Thurs I’m outta there!!!!! ~Tresa O.

The mom taxi does not run at our house during zumba.  The dad taxi has to pick up the slack.  It’s time to take care of ME! ~Denise K.

Be sure and keep me updated on where you go as I will most definitely jump in where you land Joanie! ~ Candie

Michelle: ....I can tell you that our instructor, Joanie, is fabulous and by the end of the class EVERYONE feels like a dancer! It’s fun!

You are an awesome instructor, dancer and a great role model! I love Zumba-ing with you. Please keep me on your email list and let me know where you are to teaching.  ~Karen

You don’t have to be a dancer. Like my shirt says, “Let Go. Feel the Music.” You will have so much fun. Joanie is an awesome instructor. No one will care if you “make a mistake” because there are no mistakes. Unless you count not going to class. ~Liz G.

Zumba is awesomeee! You’ll absolutely love it. It’s soo much fun and just one hour where you get to let go of all stress and just shake your booty! The best thing is, is that there is no experience required! You’ll be so happy, and once you’ve tried it you’ll never stop! ~Michele K. Went to my first Zumba class last night – it was really fun, but I am really out of shape! Luckily we had an amazing teacher Thanks Joanie. ~Liz W.

Thank you for another fabulous class. I am so excited about taking your classes.  You make them fun and I don’t realize I am exercising!  I feel great after your class, both mentally and physically. Keep up the great work and your contagious enthusiasm.  I look forward to every class. ~Michele S. 

Today was my first Zumba class ever! I had so much fun and can't wait to go back! Thank you so much Joanie for making it enjoyable :) Sandi

JOANIE!!! ZUMBA was AWESOME TODAY!!!!! you rocked it out! LOVE the new tunes! so much fun! so much energy!! ahhhh we will all see you again Thursday!!! ~Carley C.

Joanie!  You are awesome!!  I am so in awe of you. That class you did on Friday night was super-you have such a way of making people feel good You really have a knack for teaching.  You are quite good at the whole Zumba thing. The music was great and I can’t believe how much of a workout it really was, lots of dif body parts were engaged at the same time.  That was the most fun I’d had in a while, so thank you so very much. ~Dr.T.Joseph

Loved Loved your Zumba Class today at TOP DOG Training
Your spirit is amazing!
We were nominated for the Chanel 4 Vote4TheBest  contest.  Here are some of the sweet recommendations that my students wrote <3

  • The BEST workout and way to spend some ME time with the BEST ladies in Brighton. Molly R.

  • BEST Zumba class ever!!!! Everyone loves the Zumba princess Joanie too! She makes everyone feel welcome :)Theresa Mailloux

  • I extremely enjoy Joanie's zumba class, I always look forward to the days that we get together!!! There's no other class like hers, we have a great time and meet lots of wonderful people that makes it better than the rest!!! Joanie is an awesome instructor that has more that enough energy to motivate everyone to Zumba like there's no tomorrow!!!! Keep shakin it Joanie!!!
Great workout!!!! And awesome group of people :) love my z-peeps!!!

·  Susan~Joanie’s class is awesome!  She is the best, sweet, cute and funny.  I just love her class.

·  Susan Kennedy~I just started Zumba this past April 2012.  This is the first time that I have signed up for a “fitness” class & stuck with it.  The reasons are many, I am having a blast while burning calories & I have met a great group of people that have become my friends.  I didn’t think I would be able to do this but when I came to class & saw all the different age groups, fitness levels & met the instructor I knew it was for me.  By far Joanie is the best.  Come see for yourself!  We know how to booty shake in Brighton!!


It is the best ME time and best work out I have EVER experienced! Thanks Joanie!


The class is so much fun you don’t even realize how hard you are working out!  Fabulous! Joanie’s the BEST!

Renee~Joanie & the Fly Girls rock the house:)

Joanie is so welcoming and fun!  Our class size keeps growing in numbers and shrinking in inches as we dance our Booty’s off!  Joanie is the best!

·  Carol~Joanie’s Zumba class is the best fun ever.  Not only can you shake your booty off but it’s great for laughs.  I feel fortunate to have found this class and have been a dedicated participant. ·

·  Kelly~Joanie’s class ia the bomb!! I highly recommend it. The ONLY fun way to exercise!!! · 

Paula S~It doesn’t matter what level you are at, this Zumba class is for anyone of any age. Everyone in the class is friendly and welcoming and Joanie makes everyone feel comfortable. Imagine getting a great workout by Dancing!! Try it and you’ll be hooked!! ·

Renee~The B-town Booty Shakers are the best!  Wish I lived closer:) · 

Mary~Best work out ever! · 

Gena~ I love Zumba with Joanie! · 

Paula ~Best Zumba party around. You get great exercise while getting your dance on. The class is so friendly and welcoming. Joanie’s enthusiasm is contagious.  She makes the class fun and includes everyone, no matter what level you are at!! · 

 ·  Candace~Zumba with Joanie is the best! It’s so different than any of the other classes being offered, you won’t be disappointed!

Zumba Joanie and the B-Town Booty ShakerZ!!!

  • Zumba BasicZumba Basic
    License to teach regular Zumba® classes.
  • Zumba ToningZumba Toning
    License to teach body-sculpting techniques using Zumba Toning Sticks to enhance rhythm and build strength.
  • Zumba SentaoZumba Sentao
    Licensed to teach the party-like workout that incorporates chairs to improve strength, definition and endurance.
  • Zumba Kids & Zumba Kids JrZumba Kids & Zumba Kids Jr
    License to teach the custom-designed kids program that blends dance-fitness routines with fun games and high-energy music.
  • Zumba Kids & Zumba Kids JrZumba Kids & Zumba Kids Jr
    License to teach the custom-designed kids program that blends dance-fitness routines with fun games and high-energy music.
  • ZumbiniZumbini